Goals & investments

HUDL Investment - $20,000 per year

In early 2022, Athletic Boosters committed to investing in athletes across the board by committing to a contract with Hudl. Hudl provides video review and performance analysis tools for sports teams and athletes at every level. Together, with the Cal High School Athletic Deparment, we are hoping to level the playing field for every athlete. Every coach, player and team at Cal High School will have access to game-changing technology.

contributions In recent years

equipment updates for athletic teams - $28,000

We worked to equip our athletes by providing the equipment that they need for top performance! We are constantly raising funds to support the needs of the athletic teams for updated equipment and recently invested some of those dollars to upgrade the weight room.

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cal "wall of pride" - $7,500

The Cal community values teamwork, sportsmanship, talent, and community service. In order to promote these values, we partnered with the Athletic Department in updating our athletic hallways with boards that include images, words, and experiences that encourage our community values. Go SCOTS!